What Makes Dr. Imran Haque Unique In The Asheboro Area

As an internist in Asheboro, North Carolina, Dr. Imran Haque tries to offer something unique to the community that he serves. Over the course of his career as a medical doctor, he has strived to learn new skills so that he can offer services other nearby doctors do not. He works at Horizon Internal Medicine which serves the residents of both Asheboro and Ramseur. He is also affiliated with two hospitals, Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and Randolph Hospital.

Dr. Imran Haque earned his medical degree at Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo which is the capital of the Dominican Republic. This is one of the most highly rated universities in all of Latin America. He served his residency at Carilion Health System which was founded in 1899 and is also located in Asheboro. He attained CMS Stage 1 EHR which is related to him understanding and complying with the privacy laws that surround electronic health records.

As an internist, Dr. Imran Haque serves as a primary care doctor. He does physical exams and treats common illnesses his patients have. He is also extensively trained to treat diabetes and weight management. He has a reputation for having excellent bedside manner and treating people in a very professional way. He also takes the time to answer all of his patient’s questions and crafting individualized treatment plans in order to meet their needs.

Over the course of his 15-year career, Dr. Imran Haque has learned how to provide aesthetic services. He is skilled at laser hair removal and has the latest technology installed in Horizon Internal Medicine. Another service he offers is Venus body contouring. As people age their bodies start to store more fat and less collagen. This leads to what is commonly called “love handles” and/or “muffin tops“. The Venus body contouring procedure breaks down the fat cells in these areas and increases the amount of collagen that is produced. This leads to these areas slimming down and any sagging skin tightening up.