Securus Technologies Fighting Corruption in Prison

I work at a very crowded and dangerous state prison, and this month my superiors called in me and my fellow corrections officers to discuss a serious problem. It appears that drug use between the inmates has escalated in recent weeks, and as a result there have been more violent crimes between officers and inmates and inmates and each other. We were told to get a group of officers together to do whatever it took to take back control of the problem.


Me and three other officers were briefed about the new Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system that was being installed, and told we would be trained on the LBS software before any other officers. The company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, who says all of his employees are working hard towards the aim of making the world safe. The systems are in thousands of jails around this country, and we were hoping it could show how the inmates were able to get drugs so easily despite our best efforts to stop them.


The LBS software is hard at work monitoring all the conversations the inmates are having on the phone, and my team is alerted to three calls all similar in nature. We kept hearing the inmates talking about visiting day, but more precisely, how to enter thee facility. When the inmates kept referring to a certain officer, we needed to take a closer look. Upon review, this officer was allowing certain family members of inmates to go right into the guest center without a body search. This could allow those folks to easily pass drugs to the inmates during an embrace without my team ever knowing.


After further review, we discovered a corrupt staff member was in fact on the take and allowing these people to give inmates anything they needed.