Why Walmart is the Right Place to Shop for Beneful

Walmart carries a wide range of different Beneful dog foods at prices that affordabl and with a selection that nearly includes all the various flavors and varieties that Beneful has to offer. For Beneful fans this represents a one stop shop even if you have multiple dogs. For instance, Beneful sells at Walmart:

– Incredibites for small dogs

– Healthy Puppies for Growing pups

– Mature dog food blends for older dogs

– Grain free options for dogs with sensitivity to gluten

– various flavors for your dogs tastes and preferences and to know more click here

Beneful is much loved by dogs for its flavor options and the fact that it offers a real balanced diet for dogs. Even pet owners with very diverse dogs can pick up everything that they need just by stopping at Walmart. Because of this and the low prices that they offer, picking up Beneful at Walmart is the smart choice.


Securus Technologies Fighting Corruption in Prison

I work at a very crowded and dangerous state prison, and this month my superiors called in me and my fellow corrections officers to discuss a serious problem. It appears that drug use between the inmates has escalated in recent weeks, and as a result there have been more violent crimes between officers and inmates and inmates and each other. We were told to get a group of officers together to do whatever it took to take back control of the problem.


Me and three other officers were briefed about the new Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system that was being installed, and told we would be trained on the LBS software before any other officers. The company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, who says all of his employees are working hard towards the aim of making the world safe. The systems are in thousands of jails around this country, and we were hoping it could show how the inmates were able to get drugs so easily despite our best efforts to stop them.


The LBS software is hard at work monitoring all the conversations the inmates are having on the phone, and my team is alerted to three calls all similar in nature. We kept hearing the inmates talking about visiting day, but more precisely, how to enter thee facility. When the inmates kept referring to a certain officer, we needed to take a closer look. Upon review, this officer was allowing certain family members of inmates to go right into the guest center without a body search. This could allow those folks to easily pass drugs to the inmates during an embrace without my team ever knowing.


After further review, we discovered a corrupt staff member was in fact on the take and allowing these people to give inmates anything they needed.

Goettl Makes More Opportunities for Success

Goettl is a company that has been successful in the time that they have been in business. When they were working as HVAC manufacturers, they were able to do different things that would make everything better for their clients but they did not have the best customer service available. It was something that made it hard for people to try new things and for them to enjoy everything that there was to offer in the HVAC world. There were many different ways that people would be able to do more with the business and it allowed them the chance to enjoy everything that Goettl had to offer. The company, though, still managed to struggle with all of the things that they did in all of the areas that they were a part of. It was also something that made it hard for them to be able to grow the business.

One thing that the Goettl owner did was make sure that he was focused on the abilities of the company. He wanted to show people what they could do and what they were missing out on. The AZ Central reported that he was working hard to increase the options that were available to the company.

Since he tried to make sure that customer service was a priority, he trained his staff to do the same. Through all of this, the owner of Goettl did what he could to make a difference and to show people what they would be able to get when they were working in different areas. He also wanted them to see how making customer service a priority would change the course of the business and make it easier for people to manage no matter what they were working on or what type of system maintenance they were doing.

While the company was a large company in the beginning, it has grown even more in the time that they have included different options for their customers. Goettl always wants to make sure that things are going to work out and that they are going to allow people the chance to do more with their business. It has given them a chance to grow and to become a much better HVAC company in the area that they are in. They are hoping that they will be able to expand now that they have chosen to focus their efforts on customer service.


Karl Heideck: Attorney

Karl Heideck Attorney

Karl Heideck Attorney

Since 2015, Karl Heideck has been a hire listed council attorney. He practices independently in the state of Pennsylvania, but he has worked for various firms in the state of Philadelphia previously, in many different legal positions within the firms. His main practice includes helping employers with compliance services and risk management.

Karl Heideck obtained his degree of law in 2009, from James E. Beasley school of Law at Temple University. Prior to that, he obtained his undergraduate degree a few years earlier in 2003 from Swarthmore College. While he does spend the majority of his time actually practicing the law helping companies with their risk management, Heideck takes some time to write on his blog, which helps readers understand the basics of law and ongoing issues. The blog is titled Inside The Mind of Karl Heideck.

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When applying for a new job in any state, the new employer is legally allowed to ask you about your salary from your previous employer, this is no longer the case. In Philadelphia, it is now prohibited for an employer to ask for this information. This law was initiated in January of 2017, and passed in June of the same year. The passing of this law makes Philadelphia the first city in the United States to prohibit this. It prohibits any way that a company may find out someone’s previous salary, they are not allowed to directly ask the applicant, do research without the applicant’s knowledge, making the applicant tell their salary in order to obtain the job, and some others with specific details as well. Anyone who violates this law will receive a fine up to $2,000.

The main people who will be affected by this are corporations who are operating out of the city. On many occasions, employers and companies will use the knowledge of applicant’s previous salaries to base their starting salary off of with the new company. This tactic is used everywhere. Karl Heideck states that he is unsure whether or not the law will remain, as it has had it’s fair share of bumps along the road in order to get it passed.

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How Lime Crime Redefined Online Shopping

The Early Days Of Online Shopping

Doe Deere was one of the earliest pioneers in the world of online retail. In 2004, she decided she opened up her first Ebay account with the name limecrime. After selling her DIY fashion to great success, she decided it was time to expand her business into something more official. In 2008, Deere opened up her official product line under the Lime Crime brand. With nearly a decade in the makeup business, Deere has successfully made herself one of the most important names in online shopping.



Doe Deere Stands For Herself

The key to the success of Lime Crime is Deere’s decision to make her make up an expression of herself. Fans of Lime Crime aren’t flocking to her brand because they want they same sort of makeup they can find in any store. They want something that stands out from the crowd in the same way that Doe Deere does. Deere is well known for the distinct style of bright and colorful makeup that seems to define just about everything that she does. Naturally, her makeup is all about the sense of style as well.



Fostering Women In Business

As a woman who has successfully operated her own business for many years, Deere wants to help other women reach the exact same position that she has. She does this by serving as a speaker at various business conferences devoted to women leaders in business. Much of her public speaking is related to the sort of challenges she had to contend with when she first decided she wanted to enter business. Many experts warned her that trying to sell makeup to women online was a risky move and recommended that she avoid taking the risk. Fortunately, she decided to go against popular thinking.



Lime Crime Today

Lime Crime continues to produce amazing success and offers new and exciting products every year. The business model of Doe Deere is the primary reason she has seen so much success. As the internet has matured, it has created entirely new business opportunities. For those who are willing to take a risk and stick their necks out, the rewards are simply endless. Lime Crime wasn’t expected to take off as a smashing success, but we can see today just how wrong those naysayers were and just how right Doe Deere was in her defiance.

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Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship

George Soros ponies up for progressive prosecutors

Throughout 2016, George Soros and his political action committees went on a march to the sea, torching the reelection hopes of conservative candidates from coast to coast. This effort was primarily focused on prosecutors, who Soros rightfully sees as wielding intense power in the U.S. criminal justice system.

These financial interventions in local prosecutorial and sheriff’s races have almost uniformly produced victories for the Soros camp. But more importantly for the residents who are under the jurisdictions of these candidates, the election of progressive, justice-minded candidates on Forbes promises to radically alter the shape of the criminal justice system and how certain crimes are treated, especially with regard to minorities.

The first black prosecutor in Florida

Aramis Ayala decided to run for Orange County prosecutor back in 2015. The Orlando, Florida prosecutor’s office was then headed by incumbent Jeff Ashton. Ashton’s tenure on opensocietyfoundations.org had produced a relatively safe Orlando, that is, compared to Orlando’s own past, but the city was still plagued by a great deal of violent street crime. Moreover, Ashton, in his zeal to create a safer city, had amassed an unfortunate record of severe racial disparities in sentencing and charging. Aramis Ayala offered a new, more egalitarian approach.

But Ayala had serious problems of her own. In fact, at the start of her campaign on Politico, the candidate had little chance of securing a victory. Ayala was an unknown black public defender whose entire career had consisted of providing defense counsel for the indigent street criminals of metropolitan Orlando. However, she was also a cancer survivor and a fighter. She quietly reached out to a Soros PAC that instantly recognized her as exactly the sort of reform-oriented candidate that they could use to effect powerful change.

George Soros’ fund eventually extended a $1,300,000 donation to Ayala’s campaign, a tremendous amount of money in a local prosecutor’s race. The money was used effectively to cover the airwaves, both television and radio, with pro-Ayala advertisements. Ashton could not keep up with the flood of money which had swelled the coffers of his rival. The strategy worked, Ayala walked away victorious in one of the largest landslides in recent Orlando memory. In so doing, she also became the first black prosecutor in Florida state history.

Another similar story unfolded in Mississippi. There, a black man named Scott Colom was running against another conservative opponent, Forrest Allgood. The latter, as in the case with Florida’s Ashton, had accumulated an unseemly record of disproportionate minority convictions. Scott Colom promised to ease his predecessor’s hard-line tactics by diverting more drug offenders to non-jail-based treatment programs and generally keeping non-violent offenders out of jails and prisons. His plan called for reducing even the number of convicts serving time for property crime, instead focusing on more productive restitutive measures.

As in Florida, George Soros swooped in with a large donation, up to $1,000,000 by some estimates. Colom then rode to victory on the heels of a massive television advertisement campaign, defeating the long tenured Allgood. As George Soros continues scoring victories, his opponents, like Ashton and Allgood, must wonder if they’ve gotten in over their heads.

Makari Gold vs Makari Standard Products

Makari de Suisse is the skincare line of choice for millions of people. Being in business for over 10 years has allowed the brand to grow on all avenues. The standard products are great at decreasing embarrassing skin conditions such as age spots, skin discoloration, acne marks, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and other conditions. Makari Gold products have higher concentrations of skin cell rejuvenating ingredients and can help you receive much faster results, but the choice is yours and only yours.

Makari Gold is the epitome of excellence when it comes to skin lightening thanks to it’s amazing products that are great for scars, stretch marks, and the renewal of epidermal cells. Check out these four supreme products below:

  • 24K Gold Lightening Soap
  • 24K Gold Beauty Milk
  • 24K Gold Night Treatment Cream
  • 24K Gold Lightening Serum

If you want to step it up to the next level, Makari Gold is the way to go. The added Omega’s, Probiotics, and Antioxidants prevent drying of the skin, slows down the aging process much faster, balances skin tone, and are loaded with extra Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Visit the website: makari.com.


Michael Zomber Teaches Others to Believe

Many people would take a court’s ruling that they should go to jail for something they did not do in a way that did not help themselves or others. Michael Zomber did not. Instead of loathing in self-pity, he created a name for himself and helped others along the way.

Zomber was born in Washington, D.C. and after high school he attended the University of Illinois to obtain a dual degree in English and Psychology, from which he graduated cum laud. Afterwards, he went to UCLA and received a Master’s Degree in English literature. He now lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and their two children.

During his time in prison, Michael Zomber helped others obtain their GEDs and write legal documents. He and his wife had already created their video company, Renascent Films by the time he went to prison. While he was there, though, he wrote Shotgun Lemitsu, which does not necessarily follow the story of Lemitsu but does provide accurate historical story line about samurai from multiple points of view. Adding a twist to it, the main character is a Christian who has to act like a Buddhist in order to save his life.

He has since written many more books including Sweet Betsy, that’s Me, which follows a young girl from rural Kentucky whose father comes home from the Civil War wounded. There are two other books in the series as well including Son of a Farmer. He has more writing in the works as well, with Soul of the Samurai soon to be released.

Outside of his passion for writing and producing films with his wife, he also enjoys owning firearms. He believes in the art of owning weapons and remembering what that weapon has done in the past and still has the potential to do. He is well versed enough that he has been featured on The History Channel many times for his knowledge of weapons, from samurai swords to guns from our ancestors.

A man who was once imprisoned has shown us that with diligence and belief in oneself, we can overcome anything.

Nathaniel Ru Reveals The Main Ingredient To Success

One of the most confusing times of most people’s lives was a few months to graduation. One has no idea what they are going to do after school. Getting a good job with great benefits is a challenge. Just like a million other college students Nathaniel Ru and his partners went through the same fear and worry. However, having come from entrepreneurial families and having majored in BS Finance they knew they wanted to start something sustainable, that would change the lives of many people.


Speaking to the Business Insider, Ru reveals the secret of the company’s success. It all started as a kitchen, where they would sell healthy and delicious salads at an affordable prize. Their core value is sustainability in the way they treat customers, employees who they refers as team members, farmers who supply their vegetables and other stakeholders. Having in mind the benefits of technology, Sweetgreen enables customers to order their meals from their mobile apps which saves time for them as they come to collect their foods. This is another reason the kitchen has been seen as the other version of Apple where there is always a line on the door.


Sweetgreen is about selling values to their customers. Giving them the value for their money. From the way they pick their vegetables from the farmers to the way they dress them for their customers. Ru reveals that the company gives their clients a variety of meals and just not the normal kale that we eat all the time. The salads have lettuce and broccoli leaves to give their clients a variety of products for them. In addition, they pay so much attention to how they pick their locations. Their strategic locations has made them expand from one store to 31 stores in the nation.


It takes ambition, hard work and interpersonal skills for a start up to make a huge impact to the clients at first. However Ru and his partners have made it look so easy, which of course was not. They just had to study their target market know what they like and do their very best to conform to their specifications. When they entered the market they were straight from college which itself is a motivation enough for college graduates that they don’t need to sit around and wait for employment. They can come up with great ideas and start small.

Capital Group Continues Strong Investment Tradition

Ever since its creation in Los Angeles in 1931, the Capital Group seemingly has been at the forefront of the national financial services industry. One of the world’s largest and oldest business organizations of its kind, the Capital Group is estimated to have nearly $1.4 trillion dollars in assets.

Though the Capital Group is privately held, the organization still has offices around the world. This makes them one of the true global investment brokers around. The main headquarters are still located in Los Angeles, but Capital Group has over 7,000 employees around the globe and has offices in foreign cities such as Zurich, Madrid, Milan, Honk Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, and Singapore.

The group provides a number of products and services ranging from over 40 mutual funds under its subsidiary American Funds, wealth management for both individuals and businesses, equity planning, and retirement services. Its numerous mutual fund offerings are based out of countries in Asia and Europe as well as North America. In the early 2000s, the Capital Group expanded its retirement services and also offered college saving plans.

The Capital Group has enjoyed success by taking steady long-term view to the business world, something uncommon today. They didn’t invest as heavily into the tech sector during the 1990s and thus were barely affected when the tech bubble burst. Morningstar stated that the Capital Group provided the best return for its investors during the first decade of the 21st century.

In July 2015, the Capital Group’s board of directors elected Tim Armour as its new chairman after previous chairman Jim Rothenberg passed away. Armour had been serving as the chairman of its management committee at the time. Armour brings 32 years of experience in the investment industry and served as an equity portfolio manager. Timothy Armour has spent much of his career with the Capital Group, rising from within after graduating from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Given its rise through the Capital Group hierarchy, many observers of the industry feel that Armour is a good choice as a chairman since he is familiar with the organization’s internal workings. Because of that, many believe that he will keep the firm going on its usual course without making drastic changes.

Armour once was quoted as providing advice such as to “find active managers who earn their keep.” Armour wants his managers to look at the fine print of a company’s outlook rather than guess toward the future. In this manner, Armour and Capital Group are aiming to help a company meet their specific financial goals and needs in order to enjoy sustained success.

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