Norka Luque Gets Big Breakthrough

There are some artists in the music industry that find their way to pop stardom quickly. They may have a hit song or a video that propels them to stardom. Others, like Norka Luque, may have a harder road to climb, but her determination kept her motivated until she had her big breakthrough. It is obvious that she has become someone that has been able to fight beyond the limitations that have been placed on her.

Norka was discovered by Emilio Estefan Jr. He is known as the husband of Gloria Estefan. He has an ear for music, and his discovery of Norka Luque would prove to be a turning point in her career. Norka Luque was raised with parents that truly nurtured her passion for music, but there were still difficulties breaking into the music industry. It became quite difficult for her penetrate the music industry, but she never gave up on the dream. She pursued a degree in business administration as she quietly worked on her craft. She has also earned degrees in culinary arts. As time progressed she would become someone that would take things to another level.

Her degree in Business Administration in France would serve as a good platform for the business world of music. The “Milagro” song is her anthem for all of those that have faced some challenges that seemed impossible. She could relate to this because this was she has been through some hard things in life. Many people from Venezuela are proud of this Venezuelan native for sticking to her dreams. Venezuela is having a hard time, and the economic conditions are very harsh in this area at this time. Norka Luque is inspiring to those that still live there. She shows that there is hope for those that feed their talents and do what they need to do in order to meet their goals.

Norka persisted, and the “Milagro” song has been a hit in the United States and Latin America. She has also had a hit on the charts with this song in Puerto Rico as well. This is giving her the ability to build a nice mix of audiences with different backgrounds around the world. There is already a lot of social media buzz spreading about Luque, and people are getting familiar with this mixture of Caribbean and Reggae sounds. She is young, beautiful and destined for international success.