Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Has Paved The Way

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the more recognizable and often used wholesale title companies in the industry. Eight out of the top ten retail mortgage companies us Nationwide as their primary source of document research and processing.


Nationwide is one of the premier research, document processing, and audit firms in the United States and the company is extremely well-regarded as the go-to source for these needs. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, and established in 1991, Nationwide has an impeccable track record and is relied upon by thousands of mortgage bankers, lenders, and loan processors.


Nationwide is considered to be the largest lien assignments and release provider in the country, and this is due in large part to the efficiency and reliability that the company has demonstrated over the years.


The key to the success of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is the training that the 450 plus employees receive, not only at the outset of their employment but the advanced training opportunities that are ongoing. Of course, there is the initial education and training upon an employee’s hiring process, which launches a career. There are over 100 training opportunities that are available to employees on a volunteer basis. There are roughly 50 positions of responsibility that are available, once employees pass the various training courses.


Just about half of the workforce in involved in some kind of training at all times, which speaks highly of the incentive and the eventual expertise enjoyed by the employees. Evidence of the success of such programs is shown by the Tampa Bay Times recognizing National Title Clearing, Inc. as a top 100 workplace for 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016.


Nationwide has access to property records, lies, titles and other required information from every county in the United States, and for the most part, can acquire copies of these records with signatures. In the rare instance where copies of documents have been lost or destroyed, Nationwide has alternative resources which make documentation possible.


Accuracy and timeliness are two of the most important services that can be provided to the retail mortgage industry and this is assured by processes within a company and by overall compliance by that company. The CEO of Nationwide, John hillman, recently spoke about the need for compliance in an industrywide podcast. Hillman stated that compliance is a subject that is often spoken about withing the industry, but it is still up to each company to set the bar at high levels, and then build policy towards that end.


That philosophy has worked well for Nationwide, as the track record speaks for itself.

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