Nathaniel Ru Reveals The Main Ingredient To Success

One of the most confusing times of most people’s lives was a few months to graduation. One has no idea what they are going to do after school. Getting a good job with great benefits is a challenge. Just like a million other college students Nathaniel Ru and his partners went through the same fear and worry. However, having come from entrepreneurial families and having majored in BS Finance they knew they wanted to start something sustainable, that would change the lives of many people.


Speaking to the Business Insider, Ru reveals the secret of the company’s success. It all started as a kitchen, where they would sell healthy and delicious salads at an affordable prize. Their core value is sustainability in the way they treat customers, employees who they refers as team members, farmers who supply their vegetables and other stakeholders. Having in mind the benefits of technology, Sweetgreen enables customers to order their meals from their mobile apps which saves time for them as they come to collect their foods. This is another reason the kitchen has been seen as the other version of Apple where there is always a line on the door.


Sweetgreen is about selling values to their customers. Giving them the value for their money. From the way they pick their vegetables from the farmers to the way they dress them for their customers. Ru reveals that the company gives their clients a variety of meals and just not the normal kale that we eat all the time. The salads have lettuce and broccoli leaves to give their clients a variety of products for them. In addition, they pay so much attention to how they pick their locations. Their strategic locations has made them expand from one store to 31 stores in the nation.


It takes ambition, hard work and interpersonal skills for a start up to make a huge impact to the clients at first. However Ru and his partners have made it look so easy, which of course was not. They just had to study their target market know what they like and do their very best to conform to their specifications. When they entered the market they were straight from college which itself is a motivation enough for college graduates that they don’t need to sit around and wait for employment. They can come up with great ideas and start small.