Michael Zomber Teaches Others to Believe

Many people would take a court’s ruling that they should go to jail for something they did not do in a way that did not help themselves or others. Michael Zomber did not. Instead of loathing in self-pity, he created a name for himself and helped others along the way.

Zomber was born in Washington, D.C. and after high school he attended the University of Illinois to obtain a dual degree in English and Psychology, from which he graduated cum laud. Afterwards, he went to UCLA and received a Master’s Degree in English literature. He now lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and their two children.

During his time in prison, Michael Zomber helped others obtain their GEDs and write legal documents. He and his wife had already created their video company, Renascent Films by the time he went to prison. While he was there, though, he wrote Shotgun Lemitsu, which does not necessarily follow the story of Lemitsu but does provide accurate historical story line about samurai from multiple points of view. Adding a twist to it, the main character is a Christian who has to act like a Buddhist in order to save his life.

He has since written many more books including Sweet Betsy, that’s Me, which follows a young girl from rural Kentucky whose father comes home from the Civil War wounded. There are two other books in the series as well including Son of a Farmer. He has more writing in the works as well, with Soul of the Samurai soon to be released.

Outside of his passion for writing and producing films with his wife, he also enjoys owning firearms. He believes in the art of owning weapons and remembering what that weapon has done in the past and still has the potential to do. He is well versed enough that he has been featured on The History Channel many times for his knowledge of weapons, from samurai swords to guns from our ancestors.

A man who was once imprisoned has shown us that with diligence and belief in oneself, we can overcome anything.