Keith Mann Appreciates Education

Entrepreneur Keith Mann understands the importance of education. This is why he has announced a new scholarship in order to recognize and appreciate students that show a lot of promise in the business world. It is offered once a year and one student is going to be awarded the scholarship each year. In order for a student to gain the scholarship. The student has to fill out an application and write a 1,000 word essay on how the scholarship will help him achieve his goals. Keith Mann is partnering with Uncommon Schools to bring forth this scholarship for people to get the funding they need to take the college courses needed to advance in their career.

Keith Mann’s industry is executive search. He has over 15 years of experience in this industry. Among the areas that he works in is hedge fund compensation an staffing. He has launched the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 when he has noticed a growing market in the hedge fund industry. With Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann deals with the management of the firm on a day by day basis. He works on the industry in various territories such as Asia, United States and Asia. He is also responsible for the filling of more than 200 mandates of clients.

Keith Mann’s scholarship is a contest in which the winner will gain $5,000 towards his college education. This makes it easier for the student to get the needed education for his career. Entrepreneurs are where the innovation starts. It is only fitting that the students that show a desire and interest in starting their own businesses get a chance in doing so. In many cases, launching a successful business takes education in areas such as marketing and networking so that the entrepreneur will have an easier time achieving success.