James Dondero Giving Back in Dallas Area

When you consider the general role of an investment adviser or professional, you have to think their top concern is with generating wealth and creating money; not giving it away. That’s why many are starting to turn their heads and praise the actions of James Dondero because of his recent news to expand Highland Capital Management’s giving in the Dallas region. After giving back for so long already anyone can tell that James Dondero has charity in his blood, however, this new commitment is sure to show that helping others is a true focus. Linda Owen is set to join the Highland Capital team and will help to move the entire cause forward with a strong leadership voice.

When you think about the work that Dondero has done so far, it only makes sense that he continues to try and help others in a larger role. Even as an expert in the field of finance and investments, while he has made wealth for many people, his central goal has always been purely and simply to help. When you start to consider the amount of help that he has been able to provide in the past, and then start to think about the help and aide he will be able to give with his new charitable efforts, the power of giving and the effects of this decision will be tremenous.

James Dondero is one of the investors that countless individuals continue to seek out when it comes to financial and investment advice. It isn’t just his ability to help that others love, it is his ability to seek out and understand information. When he can put together a plan of what is actually going on then there is a tremendous chance he will be able to relay that information into common terms and will hopefully even be able to teach his clients when he is working with them. At the end of the day the simplest thing you can do is to attempt to find people to help you who are focused on helping as one of their core attribute. Clearly James Dondero is doing just that.