How Lime Crime Redefined Online Shopping

The Early Days Of Online Shopping

Doe Deere was one of the earliest pioneers in the world of online retail. In 2004, she decided she opened up her first Ebay account with the name limecrime. After selling her DIY fashion to great success, she decided it was time to expand her business into something more official. In 2008, Deere opened up her official product line under the Lime Crime brand. With nearly a decade in the makeup business, Deere has successfully made herself one of the most important names in online shopping.



Doe Deere Stands For Herself

The key to the success of Lime Crime is Deere’s decision to make her make up an expression of herself. Fans of Lime Crime aren’t flocking to her brand because they want they same sort of makeup they can find in any store. They want something that stands out from the crowd in the same way that Doe Deere does. Deere is well known for the distinct style of bright and colorful makeup that seems to define just about everything that she does. Naturally, her makeup is all about the sense of style as well.



Fostering Women In Business

As a woman who has successfully operated her own business for many years, Deere wants to help other women reach the exact same position that she has. She does this by serving as a speaker at various business conferences devoted to women leaders in business. Much of her public speaking is related to the sort of challenges she had to contend with when she first decided she wanted to enter business. Many experts warned her that trying to sell makeup to women online was a risky move and recommended that she avoid taking the risk. Fortunately, she decided to go against popular thinking.



Lime Crime Today

Lime Crime continues to produce amazing success and offers new and exciting products every year. The business model of Doe Deere is the primary reason she has seen so much success. As the internet has matured, it has created entirely new business opportunities. For those who are willing to take a risk and stick their necks out, the rewards are simply endless. Lime Crime wasn’t expected to take off as a smashing success, but we can see today just how wrong those naysayers were and just how right Doe Deere was in her defiance.

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