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Jason Hope and Anti Aging Research

The fountain of youth may be an obvious myth, but the new research that is being conducted by the SENS Research Foundation regarding aging clearly is not. The organization is devoted to finding new information and potential cures for certain diseases that develop naturally as people grow older. Much of the work the group is now doing was first performed by the Methuselah Foundation beginning in 2003. Anti-aging research is the primary focus of the SENS group, technically known as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, and have recently been the recipient of a $500,000 donation from Arizona businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Jason Hope.

Jason Hope has been very successful in his business ventures since graduating from the University of Arizona. Even though he has developed business interests across the nation, he has stayed true to his Arizona roots, currently living and operating in his hometown of Scottsdale. Hope is well-known among the research industry as a top promoter and philanthropist in new areas of technology that allow scientists to utilize concepts associated with rethinking certain diseases such as Parkinson’s and diabetes. The SENS Organization is just one such researcher taking a strategic approach in hopes of developing a completely new bio-tech industry that addresses molecular changes in the body that can be stopped or impeded for a significant period.

This new approach is exactly the type of science that drives Jason Hope as a philanthropist. His other organization contributions have included significant grants to The Tony Hawk Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of the western state chapters. Other non-profit organizations Hope has donated to include:

• The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation
• True Colors Fund
• Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix
• The International Foundation for Education and Self Help
• T Gen Foundation
• Teachers of America Phoenix
• Family Health International

In addition to these particular charitable organizations, Jason Hope has also been a significant contributor to the Arizona Science Center. He is actually a member of the Director’s Circle of this local state operation. Jason’s most serious focus on entrepreneurship currently is the primary impact the internet of things will have in the future, along with how future businesses will implement this technology as more and more devices are built. These future technological capabilities will become part of the consummate interconnection of devices designed to assist future generations in living more productive lives.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page:

Meet Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion

Renowned entrepreneur, founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has a combined experience in direct selling and marketing industries spanning about two decades. He has driven the company to global success since its establishment in 2007 through his passion for helping others, charismatic leadership and innovative vision. Through Inspirery, Bob Reina opened up about his career and successes.


Reina came up with the idea to create Talk Fusion’s leading product, Video Email, through the help of his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen. This move came about after AOL failed to relay a short video to his family through email. Later on, Bob founded Talk Fusion and used direct selling to market the product.


Starting out, Reina acquired the first customer through network marketing. He approached as many people as he knew and spread the word about the groundbreaking product. This endeavor resulted in a massive buzz that lured many associates and customers by the time of launching the product. According to Reina, the exciting thing about Talk Fusion is that it has to be at the forefront of changes in the world to remain relevant. He also revealed details about the development of Talk Fusion University, a free education avenue to help the company’s associates transform their businesses. Learn more:


Bob Reina in Brief


Bob Reina prides himself on being the brains behind the creation of Talk Fusion, a leading video marketing solutions provider. Since launching the company, it has displayed its commitment to changing lives through proprietary video technology and aiding business growth. Reina spearheads the company’s operations by leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit, natural talent, and ability to recognize emerging trends. Additionally, he holds a firm belief in giving back to friends, the community, family and animal charities around the world.


Bob Reina has undeniably come a long way as far as his background is concerned. In fact, he juggled several job opportunities while still studying at the University of South Florida. Aside from that, he joined the police academy and graduated as the top officer of his class. While still serving the community as a police officer, Reina would spend his part-time as a direct selling associate. Later on, he would give up his job and a steady salary to pursue his vision for success.


The Executive Profile and Milestones of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a technology and business executive who has also authored several books to enlighten investors on safe practices and market review techniques. He graduated from the Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature. Eric Pulier was also among editors who contributed to The Harvard Crimson, touching mainly on topics related to technology. He began acquiring his computer literacy skills in fourth grade by learning basic coding. At high school, he had perfected his skills and he launched a database company. He also advanced his knowledge in computing and technology while in college before he graduated in 1988.

Following his professional record and proven business skills, Pulier was hired by the government to prepare and run the “Bridge to 21st Century”, a program pioneered by Bill Clinton and Al Gore, which would commemorate their second inauguration. The event, which took place in Washington, DC, was attended by members of the congress and thousands of people. Pulier appeared in virtually all news stations in U.S. for the perfect presentation and order he displayed on this day.

To make it easier to walk through the presentation, Pulier prepared sections for the program, each with a message showcasing the effect of technology and a reflection of the future. Some of the categories that were highlighted include education, healthcare, entertainment, government, family and space exploration. All the funding and setup of the venue was funded courtesy of his efforts. He solicited for donations and also made contributions to the project to help speed up implementation. Most importantly, Pulier provided a live feed from astronauts, which offered real-time interactions with astronauts in the space shuttle.

Mr. Pulier has also authored several books, which include The Enterprise Industrial Complex (published in 2012) and Understanding Enterprise SOA, published in 2005 under Manning Publications. Understanding Enterprise SOA offers business people and technologists a picture of issues they face and how they relate. The book teaches about service offering and how to apply technology differently to raise business performance. The book draws examples from actual experiences and diverse industries in business.

Eric recently did a podcast, check it out to gather some of his personal knowledge in the Tech Industry.