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The Privileges of Owning a Magnises Back Card

At the age of 20, most people have big lifestyle dreams but the fact they have little or no cash acts as an obstruction to achieving their dream. Billy McFarland also had the same dream and all he wanted was just a shortcut to the good life. One evening, Billy was having dinner with his friends who were busy flaunting the benefits that American Express had brought into their lives. Being a college dropout, Billy understood clearly that perks offered in the American Express card were much irrelevant for people within his age range on Therefore, Billy McFarland set out to come up with a sought of a credit card that sounds more relevant to the young people based on their dreams.

Billy conducted a broad research on and finally came up with the idea of adding a magnetic strip to a metal card. Billy approached a China company who successfully embedded the magnetic strip onto the metal card without ruining its data. From that model designed, Billy and his former classmate initiated Magnises, an inspirational black card for young individuals who wish to experience the classy lifestyles but cannot afford it. Just like the master copy, officially American Express Centurion Card, Billy’s black card is made of heavyweight metal and brings along some exclusive perks.

With the card, the holder is assured a 24/7 VIP treatment and discounted rates at numerous high-end brands and expensive restaurants. Billy confirms that his credit card is extra unique since it entails more networking features which act favorable to young experience-seekers. The credit card provides the holder with an opportunity to link up with people from all different industries, from fashion, technology, finance as well as the entertainment. As a result, the card promotes millennials with new business opportunities. The registered members are in a position to enjoy a couple of perks such as the discounts at the Hotel on Rivington, exclusive invites to private parties as well the entry to the Goldbar not forgetting the reservations in private concerts and luxurious getaways.

According to Billy, the black card only requires a registration fee of $450 which is much cheaper as compared to other cards in the industry such as the Amex which charges excessive prices. Today, Magnises has a record of more than 12000 signups in New York from those who have managed to pass the vetting process. Billy’s card can be linked to the holder’s bank so as to facilitate the payments.

The current Magnises card has some added features for their clients such as the access to the co-working facilities at Alley where Magnises offices are located for just $99 a month. Usually, the spaces are rent for about $500 a month. Also, the black card has introduced the ‘ClubPass’ feature. With $65 a month, each card holder is guaranteed VIP experience to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York. Also, there is the ‘HotelPass’ feature which enables the owners to a room at luxurious hotels in New York such as The Dream Hotel for as little as $79 for a single night. Ordinarily, to reserve a room in such big hotels requires one to part with at least $245 which means owning a black card is more of a benefit.

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