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Nathaniel Ru Reveals The Main Ingredient To Success

One of the most confusing times of most people’s lives was a few months to graduation. One has no idea what they are going to do after school. Getting a good job with great benefits is a challenge. Just like a million other college students Nathaniel Ru and his partners went through the same fear and worry. However, having come from entrepreneurial families and having majored in BS Finance they knew they wanted to start something sustainable, that would change the lives of many people.


Speaking to the Business Insider, Ru reveals the secret of the company’s success. It all started as a kitchen, where they would sell healthy and delicious salads at an affordable prize. Their core value is sustainability in the way they treat customers, employees who they refers as team members, farmers who supply their vegetables and other stakeholders. Having in mind the benefits of technology, Sweetgreen enables customers to order their meals from their mobile apps which saves time for them as they come to collect their foods. This is another reason the kitchen has been seen as the other version of Apple where there is always a line on the door.


Sweetgreen is about selling values to their customers. Giving them the value for their money. From the way they pick their vegetables from the farmers to the way they dress them for their customers. Ru reveals that the company gives their clients a variety of meals and just not the normal kale that we eat all the time. The salads have lettuce and broccoli leaves to give their clients a variety of products for them. In addition, they pay so much attention to how they pick their locations. Their strategic locations has made them expand from one store to 31 stores in the nation.


It takes ambition, hard work and interpersonal skills for a start up to make a huge impact to the clients at first. However Ru and his partners have made it look so easy, which of course was not. They just had to study their target market know what they like and do their very best to conform to their specifications. When they entered the market they were straight from college which itself is a motivation enough for college graduates that they don’t need to sit around and wait for employment. They can come up with great ideas and start small.

Sweetgreen Prospering under the Leadership of its Co-founders


Nathaniel Ru is a successful entrepreneur in the U.S. He is a co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen, a fast-growing food chain in the U.S. He graduated from Georgetown University in 2007 with a BSc. in Finance. In August of the same year, he and two of his former classmates, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, opened the first Sweetgreen store right in the heart of Georgetown. Sweetgreen has grown rapidly over the years and now has more than 60 restaurants in operation in various states in the U.S.


Sweetgreen’s Secret to Success


According to Nathaniel Ru, the idea of starting Sweetgreen came about when the three co-founders saw the need for healthy and affordable eating options in Georgetown where they resided. They opened their first restaurant in 2007. Their aim was to offer tasty, healthy and affordable food to their patrons. They always wanted to feed more and more people better-quality food. Thanks to technological advancements, they are now able to serve more people. They created a Sweetgreen mobile app through which customers can view their menus and make their orders. This reduces the time spent waiting in line in the Sweetgreen stores to make orders. More than a quarter of Sweetgreen transactions are made through this app. All their produce is sourced locally and delivered every morning.


The three co-founders are trying to come up with new strategies to improve their customer relationships. They aim to offer personalized, consistent service to each customer. Sweetgreen does not have a main headquarters as they are trying to decentralize their operations and grow the brand nationally. Mr. Ru said that the most important thing about running such a business is building an efficient team and learning to trust them so that you can delegate responsibilities. The trio used to do everything on their own as they did not feel like they could leave anything in the hands of another employee lest something went wrong. But as the business grew, they realized they had to delegate some responsibilities. It was difficult to let go and they felt like they were no longer in absolute control but everything has worked out just fine thanks to their very able team.


Bottom Line


Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders have built the company with a focus on sustainability and local sourcing. They have invested a lot in the service design and in the design of their stores and restaurants. A very outstanding feature of all their restaurants is the open kitchen plan. Customers can see the ingredients used to make their food and even the processes that go into preparing the meals. Nathaniel Ru admires Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armor for all his achievements and what he has done for the company. He loves Thai food; one of his favorite restaurants is Johnny Monis’ Little Serow.