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Why Brexit Gold Coin is Commemorative

Recently, a major vote took place for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. When the vote took place on June 23rd, much of the world stood by in awe, wondering what would come next. The stock markets became volatile, and took the money markets for a ride as well. The problem is much more than just leaving the European Union. This move was enough to strike a commemorative coin, the Brexit gold coin.

A new three Proof commemorative coin set is available right now in order to commemorate one of the largest events in the history of the EU. Coin Invest Trust is the mint behind the Proof collection, and they worked in collaboration with Cook Islands to create this new set of three.

The Brexit coin, designed to celebrate the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU consists of what is noted as a fine silver dollar, marked .999. The $5 gold coin is considered a grade higher, marked as .9999. The $20 gold coin is also marked as .9999, which are struck in order to convey a split from the European Union. When the coins were minted, the Union Jack flag was positioned to show as opposite of the European Union.

Those who want to own a unique collection can go through Coin World to order it. All three coins also include the effigy of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse, which was created by Ian Rank-Broadley, one of the foremost sculptors of our time. His effigy has been considered one of the most stunning to date, and continues to impress millions as it stands out with stunning detail on every coin.

The Brexit coin made of gold, symbolizes something far great than an exit from the EU. This exit was made in order for the UK to regain their freedom and stand for their country the way in which they see fit. However, this started a gold rush, and it has Europeans buying gold at every turn to prepare ahead for their future if their currency crashes. This has many Brits stockpiling the Brexit coin as well as buying gold bars.

Royal Mint has made the statement that their sales have soared by as much as 32 percent since the exit was made from the EU. The rumor is that high net worth individuals have purchased most of the gold and have begun to stuff in into their safes as they are fearful of what may happen. The Brexit coin has now put the UK on a gold buying streak out of fear rather than one of commemoration.