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Why Whitney Wolfe, the Bumble CEO Deserves All the Happiness in the World

Whitney Wolfe is no ordinary lady. She has made sure that following her dreams was her number one priority. And as a result of having that ‘never say die’ attitude as far as her pursuit of her goals were concerned, she managed to achieve a lot in her early life. Before becoming the revered Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University where she took a major in international studies.

And that is where she began testing waters in the world of entrepreneurship dating. Bumble is also looking to launch BumbleBFF as well as BumbleBIZZ – which are new verticals meant to help users find friends if dating isn’t their primary goal. To date, Bumble has an estimated value of about $500 million. And the cost keeps on increasing, thanks to the team’s sheer dedication as far as convenience and incredible user experience is concerned.

Apart from being one of the world’s wealthiest matchmakers, Whitney Wolfe has also been known for having a soft spot for charity. During the infamous BP oil spill, the nineteen-year-old Whitney Wolfe made sure that she was selling bamboo tote bags and using the proceedings to help the affected people. She partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp (a celebrity stylist) and begun the “Help Us Project.”

Her brilliance and looks aside, Whitney Wolfe was again making the headlines and this time because the queen of hitching people up had finally been hitched. She made headlines when video clips of her supposedly private wedding were leaked by close friends and family as they couldn’t keep calm as it was Whitney’s wedding, as some of them joked later.

The grand wedding took place in Positano, Italy. And judging from the photos that later surfaced, it was no doubt one of the most elegant weddings of that year. Whitney was married to her beau of four years whom she met back in 2013. Michael Herd, who is the heir to a restaurant, oil, and gas business empire, was the lucky man who walked down the aisle with the beauty.

If the rumors doing rounds in the gossip grind mill are anything to go by, Michael proposed to her after a horse ride in June of 2015, a proposal that was cordially accepted. At this point, all we can do is wish the new Mrs. Herd nothing but happiness which she deserves especially after helping millions of people find their soulmates through the practical, easy-to-use Bumble App.

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Why Fabletics Value Positive Customer Reviews

The power of the crowd determines the purchasing ability of any client. Most customers do not buy any commodity online before reading all customer reviews. They take the reviews as somebody talking to them about the product. That is why most brands in the market are capitalizing on customer reviews.

Many brands worldwide today use this trick of reviews to achieve their goals of selling. Most of them use millions of money to pay for people so that they can review them. One example of such brand is Fabletics. With a revenue generation of more than $235 million, Fabletics has been using the power of the crowd since 2013.

All industries today know that customer reviews can work wonders. For instance, Fabletics leveraged its quick growth by using the power of the crowd. They learned that LTV could be enhanced by good customer reviews and they capitalized on that.

Some of us do not know why and how customer reviews are related to clients buying power? According to research, most customers trust what they read on the net. They believe that they are directly talking to somebody who has the product before. If your reviews are bad, you are likely to lose many customers who had that potential of buying your product.

Before buying any product online, most customers research the company that sells the product and the product itself. If both the company and the product reviews are bad, the customers are likely to withdraw from the enterprise. The first reputation of the company attracts or repels more customers depending on the nature of the review. It should be noted that the clients can do read customer reviews for more than one year before trusting one product or company.

Why are reviews important? That is the question many people ask. With positive reviews from the potential customers, many businesses like Yelp say that you can drive more traffic to your company using them. Google uses these reviews to rank your business according to the available customer reviews. Most companies like Fabletics invest a lot in customer reviews. They take much time responding to their requests and answering their demanding questions. This is because Fabletics acknowledges the role played by positive customer reviews.

Since the launching of Fabletics, this company has been valuing two people; clients and Kate Hudson. This is a partner to Fabletics. Even before the managers of Fabletics started the company, they had her in mind. That was because of her simple, humble and approachable nature. With her active lifestyle, Kate Hudson was very helpful to the company.

She was just busy from the first day the company was launched. The work of reviewing the budget, picking advertising strategy was her work. Her work was mostly revolving around design and sales. She is one person who could manage team work and monitor their progress. Due to her celebrity nature, Kate Hudson drove success to the company by building the best brand in the market. That is why Fabletics emerges to the best in the market. With a wide variety of Fabletics gear in the market, it is good that you take a Lifestyle Quiz to determine which one fits you well.

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