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Meet Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion

Renowned entrepreneur, founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has a combined experience in direct selling and marketing industries spanning about two decades. He has driven the company to global success since its establishment in 2007 through his passion for helping others, charismatic leadership and innovative vision. Through Inspirery, Bob Reina opened up about his career and successes.


Reina came up with the idea to create Talk Fusion’s leading product, Video Email, through the help of his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen. This move came about after AOL failed to relay a short video to his family through email. Later on, Bob founded Talk Fusion and used direct selling to market the product.


Starting out, Reina acquired the first customer through network marketing. He approached as many people as he knew and spread the word about the groundbreaking product. This endeavor resulted in a massive buzz that lured many associates and customers by the time of launching the product. According to Reina, the exciting thing about Talk Fusion is that it has to be at the forefront of changes in the world to remain relevant. He also revealed details about the development of Talk Fusion University, a free education avenue to help the company’s associates transform their businesses. Learn more:


Bob Reina in Brief


Bob Reina prides himself on being the brains behind the creation of Talk Fusion, a leading video marketing solutions provider. Since launching the company, it has displayed its commitment to changing lives through proprietary video technology and aiding business growth. Reina spearheads the company’s operations by leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit, natural talent, and ability to recognize emerging trends. Additionally, he holds a firm belief in giving back to friends, the community, family and animal charities around the world.


Bob Reina has undeniably come a long way as far as his background is concerned. In fact, he juggled several job opportunities while still studying at the University of South Florida. Aside from that, he joined the police academy and graduated as the top officer of his class. While still serving the community as a police officer, Reina would spend his part-time as a direct selling associate. Later on, he would give up his job and a steady salary to pursue his vision for success.