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Lacey and Larkin; the Founders of Frontera Fund

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) offers an opportunity for youths with no documentation to be free from deportation. It also provides them with social security number and allows them to work in the United States for two years. The program also allows the youth to access state tuition fee and to acquire a driver’s license thus allowing them to drive in the US.


The Attorney General of Texas has addressed a letter to the Trump administration requesting them to rescind the DACA Program by September 5th. In the letter, they also threaten to take legal action if the program is not closed at the requested time. They are proposing that the program is phased off in a sequence meaning that new applications will no longer be considered for renewal. John Kelly says that that the program that is protecting more than eight hundred thousand immigrants is in jeopardy since it is currently facing many legal challenges. This announcement has brought worry and unrest to the parties involved.


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program has been implemented successfully for five years now, and so far, it has been very beneficial. An estimated 95% of the beneficiaries are either employees or students in the U.S and contribute a lot of money to the universities and colleges in the U.S. The lives of the youths have improved, they earn more and contribute more tax, and a good number of them have created businesses in the U.S.


The Role of DACA

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an administrative relief from deportation, and its main purpose is to protect the eligible immigrant youth of the United States, who came into the country when they were children, from being deported and provide them with work permit. The immigrants are protected for two subsequent years after which they have to renew membership.


To qualify for the program, one should meet the following requirements, failure to which one cannot benefit from the program.


  • Must be below thirty-one years


  • One should have continuously lived in the U.S.


  • One should have moved to the U.S when they were sixteen years and below.


  • One should either be a graduate or student pursuing education or an ex-military. One must not have a criminal record.



The Frontera Fund was formed by Lacey and Larkin to support all organizations that advocate for human rights, civil rights, and immigrants’ rights in Arizona and its main aim is to benefit the Hispanic community. The fund was established using the money that Lacey and Larkin received in 2013; $3.7 million in settlement for their illegal arrest after they were arrested by America’s then toughest sheriff Arpaio who was not happy with Phoenix New Times. The two were arrested for penning a story in Phoenix New Times.


Human Rights Activist, Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen has been recognized for his work as founder of the Human Rights Foundation. His organization is lauded for their efforts to combat human rights abuses around the world, and Thor has been more active than the average founder of a non governmental organization. The organization is dedicated to their cause, even at the expense of personal injury. This is especially true for Thor, who has a history steeped in political oppression and violence at the hands of repressive governments.


His mother and he also suffered brutalities at the hands of this regime. Recently, Thor Halvorssen was assaulted by police after completing an interview with a controversial religious figure. The incident was caught on tape and has been published online, a move that has helper further their cause.


He is not stuck in any political sphere or international divisions, and he has faced criticism from both the right and the left of he political spectrum. Leftist critics point to his accepting of money from conservative foundations, and right winger pundits attack his history of association with left-wing groups. The picture is more complicated according to Thor, and he wants to work with any group that will help bolster human rights on a global scale. In the meantime, Thor has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with for the evildoers of the world.

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