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Securus Technologies Fighting Corruption in Prison

I work at a very crowded and dangerous state prison, and this month my superiors called in me and my fellow corrections officers to discuss a serious problem. It appears that drug use between the inmates has escalated in recent weeks, and as a result there have been more violent crimes between officers and inmates and inmates and each other. We were told to get a group of officers together to do whatever it took to take back control of the problem.


Me and three other officers were briefed about the new Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system that was being installed, and told we would be trained on the LBS software before any other officers. The company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, who says all of his employees are working hard towards the aim of making the world safe. The systems are in thousands of jails around this country, and we were hoping it could show how the inmates were able to get drugs so easily despite our best efforts to stop them.


The LBS software is hard at work monitoring all the conversations the inmates are having on the phone, and my team is alerted to three calls all similar in nature. We kept hearing the inmates talking about visiting day, but more precisely, how to enter thee facility. When the inmates kept referring to a certain officer, we needed to take a closer look. Upon review, this officer was allowing certain family members of inmates to go right into the guest center without a body search. This could allow those folks to easily pass drugs to the inmates during an embrace without my team ever knowing.


After further review, we discovered a corrupt staff member was in fact on the take and allowing these people to give inmates anything they needed.

Goettl Makes More Opportunities for Success

Goettl is a company that has been successful in the time that they have been in business. When they were working as HVAC manufacturers, they were able to do different things that would make everything better for their clients but they did not have the best customer service available. It was something that made it hard for people to try new things and for them to enjoy everything that there was to offer in the HVAC world. There were many different ways that people would be able to do more with the business and it allowed them the chance to enjoy everything that Goettl had to offer. The company, though, still managed to struggle with all of the things that they did in all of the areas that they were a part of. It was also something that made it hard for them to be able to grow the business.

One thing that the Goettl owner did was make sure that he was focused on the abilities of the company. He wanted to show people what they could do and what they were missing out on. The AZ Central reported that he was working hard to increase the options that were available to the company.

Since he tried to make sure that customer service was a priority, he trained his staff to do the same. Through all of this, the owner of Goettl did what he could to make a difference and to show people what they would be able to get when they were working in different areas. He also wanted them to see how making customer service a priority would change the course of the business and make it easier for people to manage no matter what they were working on or what type of system maintenance they were doing.

While the company was a large company in the beginning, it has grown even more in the time that they have included different options for their customers. Goettl always wants to make sure that things are going to work out and that they are going to allow people the chance to do more with their business. It has given them a chance to grow and to become a much better HVAC company in the area that they are in. They are hoping that they will be able to expand now that they have chosen to focus their efforts on customer service.


Karl Heideck: Attorney

Karl Heideck Attorney

Karl Heideck Attorney

Since 2015, Karl Heideck has been a hire listed council attorney. He practices independently in the state of Pennsylvania, but he has worked for various firms in the state of Philadelphia previously, in many different legal positions within the firms. His main practice includes helping employers with compliance services and risk management.

Karl Heideck obtained his degree of law in 2009, from James E. Beasley school of Law at Temple University. Prior to that, he obtained his undergraduate degree a few years earlier in 2003 from Swarthmore College. While he does spend the majority of his time actually practicing the law helping companies with their risk management, Heideck takes some time to write on his blog, which helps readers understand the basics of law and ongoing issues. The blog is titled Inside The Mind of Karl Heideck.


When applying for a new job in any state, the new employer is legally allowed to ask you about your salary from your previous employer, this is no longer the case. In Philadelphia, it is now prohibited for an employer to ask for this information. This law was initiated in January of 2017, and passed in June of the same year. The passing of this law makes Philadelphia the first city in the United States to prohibit this. It prohibits any way that a company may find out someone’s previous salary, they are not allowed to directly ask the applicant, do research without the applicant’s knowledge, making the applicant tell their salary in order to obtain the job, and some others with specific details as well. Anyone who violates this law will receive a fine up to $2,000.

The main people who will be affected by this are corporations who are operating out of the city. On many occasions, employers and companies will use the knowledge of applicant’s previous salaries to base their starting salary off of with the new company. This tactic is used everywhere. Karl Heideck states that he is unsure whether or not the law will remain, as it has had it’s fair share of bumps along the road in order to get it passed.

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