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Nutrimost wants damages for stolen promotional video

Nutrimost is wanting damages from Healthy Living, as stated in a lawsuit filed in Federal Court, court documents state. The lawsuit states Healthy Living, a rival with Nutrimost in the weight loss business, stole a promotional video from Nutrimost’s website and placed it on theirs, with some changes.

The changes made to the pirated video are any references made to Nutrimost, which were replaced with the “Can’t Lose Diet”, which was found on Healthy Living’s website, can’, the lawsuit says.

When comparing the videos, the court found that both were identical, save for the references to Nutrimost. Included in the video were comments about the program by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, the founder of the program, and the original customer testimonials.

The videos made identical claims to their programs, that a person could lose up to 45 pounds of body fat in as little as 40 days without dieting or exercise, or even using harmful drugs.

Healthy living was bold enough to ignore a cease-and-desist order from the court to stop playing the video on their website, while cutting the video a little short being the only concession.

Nutrimost asks for at least $300,000 in damages resulting from the loss of “goodwill and reputation”, and asks the court to make sure Healthy Living never plays the video again. To date, the video has not been on Healthy Living’s website.

Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a chiropractor from Pennsylvania, and principal of the program for Nutrimost, says the program is safe and is actively monitored by a doctor. He practices “pastoral medicine”, which is a combination of spiritual health wisdom and leading science. No representative from Healthy Living has been available for comment on the lawsuit.


Susan McGalla Presents the New Fashion Campaign for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have recently launched several new items just in time for the first game of the football season. The team’s director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, announced that the organization has launched a new website as well as a fashion line in order to connect with their fans. They have even teamed up with trendy Pandora jewelry to offer Steelers charms in various colors to their fans. Steelers gear is now available for men, women, children, and even infants in a variety of styles and colors. See:

It is no surprise that the Steelers have an individual like Susan McGalla spearheading their strategic planning division. McGalla comes from a strong retail background. Originally from East Liverpool, Ohio, McGalla attended Mount Union College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing in business.

After completing her degree, Susan McGalla began her career with Joseph Horne Company, a regional department store. It was there she learned the ins-and-outs of marketing first hand. She worked for the company in a managerial position from 1986 until 1994. After leaving the Joseph Horne Company, Susan McGalla went on to work for American Eagle in the women’s clothing department as a buyer. Throughout her time with American Eagle, McGalla worked her way up from a buyer to the company’s chief merchandising officer and president. She helped develop the 77kids and Aerie brands with American Eagle. After leaving the company in 2009, Susan McGalla worked as a private consultant and for Wet Seal before finding a home with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In addition to being a savvy businesswoman, Susan McGalla also serves on the Board of Advisors for her alma mater of Mount Union College. Source:

The Review that Change it All- Wen By Chaz and Emily McClure

If you’re like me I question many of the products that I see that just seem too good to be true. One of the products that I saw on sephora that I have always been very hesitant about and have seen advertised many times was the cleansing conditioner from WEN Hair by Chaz. This cleansing conditioner is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and cleansing treatment that appeared to be a miracle solution for thin dry hair. I never had the courage to just purchase this product and try it for myself until I ran across a review on by Emily McClure. This review outlined Emily’s 7 Day fiesta with this product and the pictures alone were enough to sell me and convince me to purchase the product myself. If you check out this article for yourself you will see the pictures that I am referring to and the amazing difference that this product made. Emily was overall very impressed with the product and would recommend it to others. She did, however, note that she preferred to utilize it in her shower before fixing up her hair for the day as she thought it provided better results. The Wen hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner is not the only product that seems to have amazing results. They actually offer several different products on Amazon and when utilized together they have made an incredible difference for many. Wen by Chaz is an organic based product line that utilizes things such as cherry bark and sweet almond oil in addition to natural botanical extracts in all of their products. If you have ever been curious about their products I would suggest purchasing their travel kit which allows you to obtain enough product to try it out for yourself without breaking the bank. If you’re curious to read Emily’s original article on you can find it here. Visit their website, click