Jason Hope gets it right on The Internet of Things

In this dispensation of the internet and technological advancements, any disciplined minds will pay attention to optimists. One such person who is worth paying attention to is Jason Hope. Jason’s reputation that’s rooted in technology and his splendid passion in improving lives is worth following by anyone with interest in changing trends concerning the internet and online activities. Most notable is the way corporations and many businesses are inclining towards The Internet of Things in the realization that traditional forms of transacting are becoming irrelevant.

Jason notes that, although The Internet of Things comes with challenges such as hacking and other security concerns, the future still looks bright. Jason elucidates that although internet security is a concern enough to bring about apprehension, the chief focus should be on standardization and how well dissemination will transverse platforms. He further notes that, although standardizing internet platforms should be the way to go, such a move poses challenges in regards to profitability for companies involved in the development of internet platforms.

Jason’s optimism on the internet of things is worth learning from and adopting, for example, when some people opine that The Internet of Things is at its peak and is bound to collapse. Contrary to this Jason believes that the hype will get annulled. For this to happen, Jason posits that as long as there is a rational and standardized approach to technological innovations, The Internet of Things will keep progressing.

Jason Hope was brought up in Tempe and is an alumnus of Arizona State University from where he graduated with a degree in Finance and a Master of Business Administration from Carey School of Business. Jason has interest in politics, entrepreneurship and technology. He is a philanthropist who believes in improving lives and engaging in community-based developments. His personality of wanting to keep things basic and want to simplify concepts is admirable and exudes enviable confidence in his philanthropic and business endeavors.

In 2010, Jason Hope announced his donation to SENS Foundation amounting half a million dollars. The Foundation is a non-profit group aiding the rejuvenation of biotechnological endeavors in addressing age-related diseases such as Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer. At the local community level in Arizona, Jason Hope contributes immensely to education programs. Jason Hope has worked with various organizations such as Worldwide Orphans Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, and Family Health International among others.


Conversion Rate Optimization has to do with making the utmost use of one’s site to achieve the one’s business goals. It is a means of measuring the number of people who meet the requirements you have set for your website. In other words, it helps to make good use of traffic got on your site, increasing efficiency and revenue, get more orders and decrease bounce rates. The simple formula for calculating conversion rate is (Number of sales / Number of visitors to your site) × 100 = Conversion Rate.

However, your website’s conversion rate is not enough to measure the success of the conversion rate process. It entails far more than that. The topmost goal of a site owner is to make sure he is enjoying all the benefits of being online.

As an optimizer, your focus should be not just on the conversion rate but on the impact on the wider business. As a result, optimizers need to also dwell on getting skills of business analysis, management, customer service, customer satisfaction, user experience and web design right. One thing to have in mind about Conversion Rate Optimization is that it’s a process. To achieve your business goals you have to follow through with the systems of the process.

The first stage of the processes the “Research stage”. You cannot just go ahead with making decisions regarding your website without first getting answers to understand your customers. Like what is it about your website that stops them from converting. Are there obstacles preventing them from signing up or buying from you. Getting answers to these questions will help to provide solutions to improve and utilize the traffic on your site.

Next is the “Hypothesis stage”. Since you now have ideas as to the problems that are preventing your website or business from performing well, you can now carry out a test that will guide you through and give you a platform to measure your success.

Read: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/11939915/Worlds-most-funded-AI-company-Sentient-Technologies-launches-online-shopping-product.html

How Tony Petrello Helped with Hurricane Harvey

Since starting his career with Nabors, Inc. in the early 1990’s, Tony Petrello has shown the company what success looks like. He is a successful person and has managed to show people how to be successful in every situation.

In fact, Tony Petrello knows there are different avenues for success that people can take at different times as long as they are doing everything they can to help their clients. According to houstonchronicle.com, Nabors, Inc. has known about the right way to be successful and the right opportunities they have for years because of how well their leadership team has worked together in that time.

Like many others, Tony Petrello has seen a need for more fulfillment in his life. While success in the business is great and something Tony Petrello can feel proud of, he wants to do more to ensure he is actually helping and making a difference. Perhaps one of the biggest things that Tony Petrello is going to do in the future is provide people with all the options they need to see how successful they can be in different situations. Tony Petrello knows this is an important step of the process and of helping others out through charitable organizations.

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While Tony Petrello has not always had the ability to make the right choices for the people who he works with, he knows there will be different things that can help him secure his position as a philanthropist. He has always wanted to show people there are new options they can use and new opportunities they can make happen. He also wants to give back to the community because he knows there is a right way to do different things. For Tony Petrello being a CEO, the business world is nothing without being able to help other people.

Lately, Tony Petrello has been working on the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. He learned what people needed and started doing the things that would help them through different situations. In fact, he has always tried to give the community what they are looking for so they don’t have to worry about the issues they might face in the future. He likes to talk to people about the things they have going on and the things that will make a difference for them while also helping them with the issues they are currently facing. Tony Petrello knows there are many ways to give back and that’s what led him to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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Twenty Three Layers Takes The Stress Out Of Event Planning

Planning something whether it be a birthday party, work party, or just a small gettogether with friends is a rewarding experience. It’s also a very stressful experience. As the host of a party and the person responsible for all the planning, you typically want things to be perfect. It’s a lot of responsibility for just one person to take on. That’s why it’s important to have a plan and to know that you’ll be able to tackle whatever party planning endeavor that you’re taking on.


According to HGTV, you’ll want to stay on top of party planning by following a few simple steps. These include getting organized, creating a theme, keeping appetizers simple, and setting up a kids’ table. You’ll want to make sure that every last piece of the party is planned. This avoids any stress when a problem arises that you hadn’t thought of. HGTV also encourages that you keep settings simple! It’s not always necessary to go over the top with frills when it comes to setting the table. Opt for a basic color dish set and a fun colored napkin to keep things fresh. Also feel free to play with textures at the dinner table. Throughout the entire process, one of the most important things you can do is stay relaxed. If you’re upset, your guests will become upset.


When party planning becomes too much turn to the event planners who have the experience in planning memorable moments and parties. There are many event planning companies in NYC who have the experience and ambition but none come close to Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company that employs visionaries. Their team is able to manage events no matter what the scope may be. Their thoughtful execution, attention to detail, and creative concepts are the reason that their fan base and clients continue to grow.


When it comes to corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers takes the pressure off of planning by making the entire process an incredibly relaxed and enjoyable experience. They take care of every last detail from the food and drinks to the decor and guest list.


Find them in NYC:



What Makes Dr. Imran Haque Unique In The Asheboro Area

As an internist in Asheboro, North Carolina, Dr. Imran Haque tries to offer something unique to the community that he serves. Over the course of his career as a medical doctor, he has strived to learn new skills so that he can offer services other nearby doctors do not. He works at Horizon Internal Medicine which serves the residents of both Asheboro and Ramseur. He is also affiliated with two hospitals, Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and Randolph Hospital.

Dr. Imran Haque earned his medical degree at Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo which is the capital of the Dominican Republic. This is one of the most highly rated universities in all of Latin America. He served his residency at Carilion Health System which was founded in 1899 and is also located in Asheboro. He attained CMS Stage 1 EHR which is related to him understanding and complying with the privacy laws that surround electronic health records.

As an internist, Dr. Imran Haque serves as a primary care doctor. He does physical exams and treats common illnesses his patients have. He is also extensively trained to treat diabetes and weight management. He has a reputation for having excellent bedside manner and treating people in a very professional way. He also takes the time to answer all of his patient’s questions and crafting individualized treatment plans in order to meet their needs.

Over the course of his 15-year career, Dr. Imran Haque has learned how to provide aesthetic services. He is skilled at laser hair removal and has the latest technology installed in Horizon Internal Medicine. Another service he offers is Venus body contouring. As people age their bodies start to store more fat and less collagen. This leads to what is commonly called “love handles” and/or “muffin tops“. The Venus body contouring procedure breaks down the fat cells in these areas and increases the amount of collagen that is produced. This leads to these areas slimming down and any sagging skin tightening up.

Paul Mampilly Predicts Winners in the Stock Market through His Experience and Skills

Paul Mampilly offers advice to people on ways to invest in stocks that provide high returns. But, he is also a big believer in not taking more risk that is required. One opportunity that he is excited about is the Internet of Things. According to him, it is the next technological revolution that the world has seen. According to reports, it has been estimated that more than 50 billion devices from around the world would be connected to each other by the end of 2020. Investors should also look to invest in companies that are researching on electric cars. With the world non-renewable energy supply fast decreasing, there is no doubt that electric vehicles will be the future and people will prefer it over traditional cars. The low amount of energy sources will increase the prices of maintaining and running traditional vehicles. People will look for alternatives such as electric cars that are already a reality today. In future, their stock prices are going to increase tremendously.

Paul Mampilly was born in India but later shifted to the United States while he was young. He was always a good student and was among the best students in his class throughout his education years. After getting his MBA degree from the University of Fordham, he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager in 1991. After acquiring knowledge and financial skill, he was able to get great job opportunities from companies such as ING, Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. He also worked with Kinetic Assets Management and was able to grow its assets to $25 billion in a matter of few years. But, soon he wanted to devote his time to his family but did not want to let his knowledge and experience in the investment market go waste. Paul Mampilly retired at the age of 42 and started his newsletter with the name ‘Profits Unlimited’ where he offers some excellent investment advice to his subscribers.

Profits Unlimited has more than 90,000 subscribers, and its popularity is increasing daily. The well-researched newsletters have helped many investors learn more about the investment opportunities and earn high returns. Paul Mampilly works extremely hard to ensure that its readers can get fact-backed opportunities from useful and practical sources. Most of his subscribers are people who want to invest and grow their retirement portfolio so that they can enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.

For more info: seekingalpha.com/user/48491120/stocktalks

Jason Hope and Anti Aging Research

The fountain of youth may be an obvious myth, but the new research that is being conducted by the SENS Research Foundation regarding aging clearly is not. The organization is devoted to finding new information and potential cures for certain diseases that develop naturally as people grow older. Much of the work the group is now doing was first performed by the Methuselah Foundation beginning in 2003. Anti-aging research is the primary focus of the SENS group, technically known as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, and have recently been the recipient of a $500,000 donation from Arizona businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Jason Hope.

Jason Hope has been very successful in his business ventures since graduating from the University of Arizona. Even though he has developed business interests across the nation, he has stayed true to his Arizona roots, currently living and operating in his hometown of Scottsdale. Hope is well-known among the research industry as a top promoter and philanthropist in new areas of technology that allow scientists to utilize concepts associated with rethinking certain diseases such as Parkinson’s and diabetes. The SENS Organization is just one such researcher taking a strategic approach in hopes of developing a completely new bio-tech industry that addresses molecular changes in the body that can be stopped or impeded for a significant period.

This new approach is exactly the type of science that drives Jason Hope as a philanthropist. His other organization contributions have included significant grants to The Tony Hawk Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of the western state chapters. Other non-profit organizations Hope has donated to include:

• The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation
• True Colors Fund
• Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix
• The International Foundation for Education and Self Help
• T Gen Foundation
• Teachers of America Phoenix
• Family Health International

In addition to these particular charitable organizations, Jason Hope has also been a significant contributor to the Arizona Science Center. He is actually a member of the Director’s Circle of this local state operation. Jason’s most serious focus on entrepreneurship currently is the primary impact the internet of things will have in the future, along with how future businesses will implement this technology as more and more devices are built. These future technological capabilities will become part of the consummate interconnection of devices designed to assist future generations in living more productive lives.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope

Securus Technologies Demonstrates Its Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Securus Technologies, an inmate communication company, has constantly demonstrated its deep commitment to solving and preventing crimes in correctional facilities. According to the Securus’ chairman and CEO, Richard A. Smith, they create a new product or service on a weekly basis to help law enforcement to prevent and solve criminal activities, including inmate-on-inmate crimes. I believe that the company has been able to receive thousands of emails from their customer owing to its outstanding products and services. Recently, the company published a sample of the emails without referencing specific counties, states and facility names.

One of the emails highlighted the important role that Securus’ product played in helping them to obtain phone call information that assisted in identification and subsequent arrest of a corrupt worker. Another commentary outlined how call monitoring service helped the facility to learn about an inmate’s alcoholism, drug use, access to a cellular device and other criminal activities. After reading most of the commentaries, I realized that they were mentioning how Securus’ services have helped them to revolutionize and boost their security. The company’s LBS software was also credited for helping the sender’s sheriff department to recover millions of illegal assets, cash and drugs. Rich Smith said that serving the community was their prime responsibility. The company strives to keep the society, including inmates, their families and correction agencies safe. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, which is based in Dallas, is a leading provider of inmate technology solutions that promote public safety, monitoring and corrections. The company is reputable for developing innovative solutions that have helped over 2,600 correctional facilities in the US and Canada to prevent and solve crimes. Since its inception in 1986, the inmate communication company has invested heavily in technologies, acquisitions and patents to facilitate constant growth. This commitment has seen them evolve with the growth of the industry, thus being in a better position to offer viable products and services. I believe that their customized solutions meet the specific needs of their diverse clients. This information was originally mentioned on Wikipedia.


Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny seeks to find cheap and effective cancer cure

Oncotarget’s Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has revealed the power of Rapamycin to heal many diseases. Rapamycin, also known as Sirolimus, is a drug used by doctors after a transplant to prevent cases of organ rejection. The drug can also be used to treat a rare lung disorder as well as cancer. When Rapamycin reaches the market, it goes by the name Rapamune.

The drug was first discovered on bacterium located on Easter Island in 1972, and it was used to fight fungal infections. But due to its antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties, physicians stopped using it as an anti-fungal agent. Mikhail Blagosklonny who teaches Oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute based in New York is known for his extensive research in aging and cancer. He is also the Editor-in-Chief at Oncotarget. Dr. Blagosklonny is advocating for the use of Rapamycin to counter aging.

He believes that Rapamycin possesses imminence potential to cure a variety of diseases because it has the distinct characteristics. This drug is used for:

  1. Used during organ transplant to prevent cases of organ rejection. Previously, drugs used for this purposes would cause toxicity in the kidney when used for an extended period. But Sirolimus out ways them because of its lower levels of toxicity.
  1. Used to treat hemolytic-uremic syndrome – this a complication caused by a combination of anemia, kidney failure, and low levels of platelets. This result in renal disorder. To solve such a complication, the patient needs a kidney transplant. Rapamycin is used to prevent re-infection of the new kidney.
  1. Used to treat Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LMA) – affects lungs primarily in women of childbearing age. Rapamycin blocks the spread of this infection.
  1. Used for coating the coronary stents to avoid the occurrence of re-stenosis especially after the procedure of balloon angioplasty. Rapamycin helps physicians to avoid repeating this procedure often.
  1. Used to treat cancer – helps the body to fight tumors
  1. Used to treat Tuberous Sclerosis Complex which is a common congenital disorder
  1. Used in treating Facial angiofibromas. Rapamycin is used in the form of gel, cream or ointments
  1. Used to increase the lifespan of a person – Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has led research to uncover more about this fact. But previous examinations done on the mice showed that it helped them fight tuberculosis. And in humans, the drug initiates immunological regeneration in seniors. Though the research is still under study, the evidence, therefore, is inconclusive
  1. Used to treat Alzheimer’s disorder though it is still under research.
  1. Potentially it can treat Muscular Dystrophy and Systematic Lupus Erythematosus. The research regarding both of these facts is still in progress. But so far, there has been positive progress.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has helped the research process to uncover the potentiality trapped in Rapamycin. His unwavering faith in research to solve human pains has made him the role model in the medical sector. Blagosklonny wants to use research techniques to find ways that will not only cure cancer but should also be cheap to acquire. He is also working on ways to kill the cancerous cells without affecting the healthy cells in the body. His research that is published on ImpactJournals.com has captured much attention from his peers.

Sahm Adrangi’s Accomplisments In Sensitizing Traders

Sahm Adrangi is a well-known investor who has had an excellent career in Wallstreet. Other than his Wallstreet career, Sahm Adrangi is also the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. At this firm, he is the Chief Investment Officer who is tasked with the duty if overseeing and approving all investment options for this company. His ingenuity and passion can be seen in the growth of Kerrisdale. As of 2017, the firm had significantly grown, and they now manage funds in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Unlike other investors on wall street, what earned Sahm recognition was the selling of his research materials that included various thesis reports and shorts evaluation. He took it upon himself to sensitize the traders in shorts that were easily misunderstood in the markets. This prompted him to make his research and evaluation on such shorts public as he felt that they were exaggerated and at times overhyped.

Kerrisdale capital management has been holding several talks with different investors and stakeholders which allows the discussion of popular misconceptions and myths surrounding various companies and business prospects. Other than having these conversations behind closed doors, Kerrisdale has gone farther to provide these details on their company’s website and Twitter feed with the hope that the information gets out there to every interested party.

Sahm is an alumnus of the Penn State University located in Pennsylvania. Starting from humble beginnings, Sahm Adrangi had to work his way up to institutions such as Merrill Lynch where he got the opportunity to trade in various stocks and bond. Sahm later moved on from this firm and joined Longacre Institution. It is at Longacre that his skills at trading in shares and even working with various hedge funds significantly improved as he gained the necessary expertise of managing collected revenue.

Due to the changing environment at wall street, Sahm pulled a wild card that nobody expected when he announced that he was quitting wall street. True to his words, in 2015, Sahm exited wall street trading due to personal reasons. After leading a long successful career, Sahm now wanted to have a relaxed life far from wall street so that he could spend time with family while pursuing other endeavors.

Sahm Adrangi: www.linkedin.com/in/sahm-adrangi-3548541