The Importance of Madison Street Capital

The finalists for 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards are truly deserving of their place. Madison Street Capital claimed two of the nominations. The first was for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the second was the International and Industrials Deal of the Year. Companies like Madison Street Capital make it easier to understand and provide the service that can keep the American Dream running, so they can keep our country running.

The winners will be announced November 9th at the New York Athletic Club. There are plenty of reasons that Madison Street Capital deserves the nominations. For example, a large and multifaceted deal referred to as the Acquisition of Acuna & Associados S.A. which was a deal that took place with Madison Street’s client Dowco. This is the International & Industrials Deal of the Year nomination.

The importance of Madison Street Capital and companies like it is more perfectly reflected in the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. This means their self proclaimed “middle market” investment is not only their priority but their strength.

Small business are the engine that runs our country. Entrepreneurs are keeping hope for America alive by creating jobs, moving technology forward, and building the world that we are lucky to live in. Innovations in tech most commonly come from the heart of small business. Daily convinces and necessities are often provided by your local innovators, shop owners, and hard workers.

Supporting small businesses over large chains is a huge way to support the positive growth of the United States. This we know. There are small business making America truly great and keeping the American Dream alive. The question is: Who keeps them alive?

In order to start a business, you need money and savvy. If you want to build, create, or hire, you simply can’t do it from thin air. How do we level the playing field? For those born into poverty or without the cash to spare because of student loan debt, it can be tremendously difficult to get any kind of business off of the ground. Once you do, there are trades, deals, and acquisitions that grow you and support you. This is a tough world and one wrong move can mean the end.

There is, however, a way.

Loans, investments, and strategy are something that every business needs but not every first time investor understands right out of the gate. The place that Madison Street Capital fills is an important part of the lives of these business owners, what they will grow into, and the economy as whole. It’s more than just consulting. It’s the small business spirit right at the heart of the middle market.

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Nutrimost wants damages for stolen promotional video

Nutrimost is wanting damages from Healthy Living, as stated in a lawsuit filed in Federal Court, court documents state. The lawsuit states Healthy Living, a rival with Nutrimost in the weight loss business, stole a promotional video from Nutrimost’s website and placed it on theirs, with some changes.

The changes made to the pirated video are any references made to Nutrimost, which were replaced with the “Can’t Lose Diet”, which was found on Healthy Living’s website, can’, the lawsuit says.

When comparing the videos, the court found that both were identical, save for the references to Nutrimost. Included in the video were comments about the program by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, the founder of the program, and the original customer testimonials.

The videos made identical claims to their programs, that a person could lose up to 45 pounds of body fat in as little as 40 days without dieting or exercise, or even using harmful drugs.

Healthy living was bold enough to ignore a cease-and-desist order from the court to stop playing the video on their website, while cutting the video a little short being the only concession.

Nutrimost asks for at least $300,000 in damages resulting from the loss of “goodwill and reputation”, and asks the court to make sure Healthy Living never plays the video again. To date, the video has not been on Healthy Living’s website.

Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a chiropractor from Pennsylvania, and principal of the program for Nutrimost, says the program is safe and is actively monitored by a doctor. He practices “pastoral medicine”, which is a combination of spiritual health wisdom and leading science. No representative from Healthy Living has been available for comment on the lawsuit.


Susan McGalla Presents the New Fashion Campaign for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have recently launched several new items just in time for the first game of the football season. The team’s director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, announced that the organization has launched a new website as well as a fashion line in order to connect with their fans. They have even teamed up with trendy Pandora jewelry to offer Steelers charms in various colors to their fans. Steelers gear is now available for men, women, children, and even infants in a variety of styles and colors. See:

It is no surprise that the Steelers have an individual like Susan McGalla spearheading their strategic planning division. McGalla comes from a strong retail background. Originally from East Liverpool, Ohio, McGalla attended Mount Union College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing in business.

After completing her degree, Susan McGalla began her career with Joseph Horne Company, a regional department store. It was there she learned the ins-and-outs of marketing first hand. She worked for the company in a managerial position from 1986 until 1994. After leaving the Joseph Horne Company, Susan McGalla went on to work for American Eagle in the women’s clothing department as a buyer. Throughout her time with American Eagle, McGalla worked her way up from a buyer to the company’s chief merchandising officer and president. She helped develop the 77kids and Aerie brands with American Eagle. After leaving the company in 2009, Susan McGalla worked as a private consultant and for Wet Seal before finding a home with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In addition to being a savvy businesswoman, Susan McGalla also serves on the Board of Advisors for her alma mater of Mount Union College. Source:

The Review that Change it All- Wen By Chaz and Emily McClure

If you’re like me I question many of the products that I see that just seem too good to be true. One of the products that I saw on sephora that I have always been very hesitant about and have seen advertised many times was the cleansing conditioner from WEN Hair by Chaz. This cleansing conditioner is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and cleansing treatment that appeared to be a miracle solution for thin dry hair. I never had the courage to just purchase this product and try it for myself until I ran across a review on by Emily McClure. This review outlined Emily’s 7 Day fiesta with this product and the pictures alone were enough to sell me and convince me to purchase the product myself. If you check out this article for yourself you will see the pictures that I am referring to and the amazing difference that this product made. Emily was overall very impressed with the product and would recommend it to others. She did, however, note that she preferred to utilize it in her shower before fixing up her hair for the day as she thought it provided better results. The Wen hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner is not the only product that seems to have amazing results. They actually offer several different products on Amazon and when utilized together they have made an incredible difference for many. Wen by Chaz is an organic based product line that utilizes things such as cherry bark and sweet almond oil in addition to natural botanical extracts in all of their products. If you have ever been curious about their products I would suggest purchasing their travel kit which allows you to obtain enough product to try it out for yourself without breaking the bank. If you’re curious to read Emily’s original article on you can find it here. Visit their website, click


Tips From Goettl to Maintain You Air Conditioner

Summertime is upon us. That means your air conditioner will be running frequently. No one wants to find out their air conditioner has a problem. There are some things you can do to help keep your air conditioner from working. Goettl Air Conditioning Owner Ken Goodrich has some tips for his customers:

Air conditioning maintenance tips from Goettl

Check your filters

A clogged filter can but strain on your system. It also reduces cool air flow from your system. Change your filter often to reduce these problems.

Close draperies

Many people overlook this one. Simply closing the blinds or draperies in your home can keep lots of sunlight and reduce the strain on your unit.

Maintain your air conditioning system

Regular maintenance helps keep your system running efficiently. Two services a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, are recommended.vv

Go programmable

More and more people are moving to programmable systems. It allows you to raise the temperature while you are away to save energy. This is a great way to save strain on your system.

Goettl Air Conditioning is known for taking pride in their technicians and service. Their goal is exceed your expectations with all services. Providing services in the Phoenix area, and owned by Ken Goodrich completes installation of central air units, heating systems, air cleaners and germicidal lights.

Goettl is known for excellence in their field. Established in 1939 Goettl has been providing excellent service for nearly ninety years. The Company has services centers in both the Phoenix and Tucson areas. . Goettl maintains highly trained technicians and a management staff that that has lots of experience. They are highly equipped to meet your heating and cooling needs.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to clean up politics

Agricultural businessman Jose Manuel Gonzalez firmly believes that leaving politics to the politicians is a grave mistake. The successful Venezuelan has experience running large companies such as Fedecámaras and Citgo, but he has served in the public sector as well. After having the role of deputy in the National Assembly for the state of Guárico his different perspectives have led him to make some observations and form some opinions.

The deputy has noted that the state of agriculture in Venezuela is in a precarious situation. The country produces 500,000 tons of rice and 300,000 tons of corn annually. Because the country does not have a foreign exchange set for importing goods this results in a roller coaster supply system.

The Assembly should be able to clearly see that the agriculture situation is not ideal. One of the factors preventing their ability to solve the problem is unsuccessful government management. The closed-door government has a history of pointing out the flaws of the current system, yet it continues to turn a deaf ear on new suggestions.

Manuel Gonzalez has stressed that he would like to see better balance within the government and political system. He has said the people are tired of messiahs with a personal agenda who want to rule with an iron fist. However, the people are also fed up with a system of divided political parties that are controlled by special interests.

This corruption has also negatively affected government as well as the election process. The deputy has observed that valuable citizens who would be incredible political leaders are denied the ability to run because they do not have strong political party affiliations. By not having a fair election process is it impossible to get fair and unbiased leaders.

Jose Manuel Gonzales believes it would be in the country’s best interest to create a national agreement; it would also be imperative that parliament upholds this agreement. The parliament should work diligently and efficiently in times of crisis so that peace can be quickly restored. Finally, the parliament should continually work towards a goal of economic growth. Once these things are put in place the constituents of Venezuela will have more trust in their government and live in a better place.

More on Jose:

Norka Luque Gets Big Breakthrough

There are some artists in the music industry that find their way to pop stardom quickly. They may have a hit song or a video that propels them to stardom. Others, like Norka Luque, may have a harder road to climb, but her determination kept her motivated until she had her big breakthrough. It is obvious that she has become someone that has been able to fight beyond the limitations that have been placed on her.

Norka was discovered by Emilio Estefan Jr. He is known as the husband of Gloria Estefan. He has an ear for music, and his discovery of Norka Luque would prove to be a turning point in her career. Norka Luque was raised with parents that truly nurtured her passion for music, but there were still difficulties breaking into the music industry. It became quite difficult for her penetrate the music industry, but she never gave up on the dream. She pursued a degree in business administration as she quietly worked on her craft. She has also earned degrees in culinary arts. As time progressed she would become someone that would take things to another level.

Her degree in Business Administration in France would serve as a good platform for the business world of music. The “Milagro” song is her anthem for all of those that have faced some challenges that seemed impossible. She could relate to this because this was she has been through some hard things in life. Many people from Venezuela are proud of this Venezuelan native for sticking to her dreams. Venezuela is having a hard time, and the economic conditions are very harsh in this area at this time. Norka Luque is inspiring to those that still live there. She shows that there is hope for those that feed their talents and do what they need to do in order to meet their goals.

Norka persisted, and the “Milagro” song has been a hit in the United States and Latin America. She has also had a hit on the charts with this song in Puerto Rico as well. This is giving her the ability to build a nice mix of audiences with different backgrounds around the world. There is already a lot of social media buzz spreading about Luque, and people are getting familiar with this mixture of Caribbean and Reggae sounds. She is young, beautiful and destined for international success.

James Dondero Giving Back in Dallas Area

When you consider the general role of an investment adviser or professional, you have to think their top concern is with generating wealth and creating money; not giving it away. That’s why many are starting to turn their heads and praise the actions of James Dondero because of his recent news to expand Highland Capital Management’s giving in the Dallas region. After giving back for so long already anyone can tell that James Dondero has charity in his blood, however, this new commitment is sure to show that helping others is a true focus. Linda Owen is set to join the Highland Capital team and will help to move the entire cause forward with a strong leadership voice.

When you think about the work that Dondero has done so far, it only makes sense that he continues to try and help others in a larger role. Even as an expert in the field of finance and investments, while he has made wealth for many people, his central goal has always been purely and simply to help. When you start to consider the amount of help that he has been able to provide in the past, and then start to think about the help and aide he will be able to give with his new charitable efforts, the power of giving and the effects of this decision will be tremenous.

James Dondero is one of the investors that countless individuals continue to seek out when it comes to financial and investment advice. It isn’t just his ability to help that others love, it is his ability to seek out and understand information. When he can put together a plan of what is actually going on then there is a tremendous chance he will be able to relay that information into common terms and will hopefully even be able to teach his clients when he is working with them. At the end of the day the simplest thing you can do is to attempt to find people to help you who are focused on helping as one of their core attribute. Clearly James Dondero is doing just that.


Keith Mann Appreciates Education

Entrepreneur Keith Mann understands the importance of education. This is why he has announced a new scholarship in order to recognize and appreciate students that show a lot of promise in the business world. It is offered once a year and one student is going to be awarded the scholarship each year. In order for a student to gain the scholarship. The student has to fill out an application and write a 1,000 word essay on how the scholarship will help him achieve his goals. Keith Mann is partnering with Uncommon Schools to bring forth this scholarship for people to get the funding they need to take the college courses needed to advance in their career.

Keith Mann’s industry is executive search. He has over 15 years of experience in this industry. Among the areas that he works in is hedge fund compensation an staffing. He has launched the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 when he has noticed a growing market in the hedge fund industry. With Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann deals with the management of the firm on a day by day basis. He works on the industry in various territories such as Asia, United States and Asia. He is also responsible for the filling of more than 200 mandates of clients.

Keith Mann’s scholarship is a contest in which the winner will gain $5,000 towards his college education. This makes it easier for the student to get the needed education for his career. Entrepreneurs are where the innovation starts. It is only fitting that the students that show a desire and interest in starting their own businesses get a chance in doing so. In many cases, launching a successful business takes education in areas such as marketing and networking so that the entrepreneur will have an easier time achieving success.


John Goullet And The Diversant Business Venture

Without John Goullet the IT sector would not be the way it is today. The entrepreneur is the has brought a number of successful businesses to life. John Goullet started as a humble IT consultant in the mid-1990s. He made a switch to IT staffing in 1994. Thanks to his experience in emerging markets, he set up Info Technologies. The company mission is to make technology easier for Fortune 500 organizations.

The company would later grow into a $30M company. The fame was so fast; Inc Magazine came calling. They were listed among the top 10 companies in the magazine’s list. What followed would be a merger. John’s Info Technologies would team up with Diversant Inc. The company which came from the partnership was called Diversant LLC.John is the Principal.

John is passionate about coming up with new ways for the ever fluid IT niche. Diversant LLC has grown to be an IT staffing and solutions firm. It is one of the many companies that continue to grow in spite of the economy.

The Cofounder of Diversant, Gene has been instrumental to the company. The company mirrors his persona. He was raised in New Jersey. He has an extensive knowledge of IT Staffing and Solutions. Just like his counterpart, his heart burns for good customer service. He has a people driven spirit, and he seeks to help others. Youth groups in his area have a lot to be grateful for. He has spearheaded youth group initiatives.

The Diversant Advisory Board is made of a few more personalities. Among them are senior executives who act as overseers. The board has benefited greatly from letting guidance from executives outside the board. There are industry leaders as well as business leaders. They provide trusted counsel in the areas of planning.

Diversant distinguishes itself from the pack in a number of ways. To start with the recruitment mechanism works. By assessing the capabilities of every worker, it is easier to place them in the right place. To work as a consultant for Diversant opens one to international assignments. Most enjoy long contracts and above average pay.

The company has a talent referral program. The initiative is meant to pull employees to become better. In case one refers the company to a client they did not have, a referral bonus is awarded. Visa Sponsorship and Green Card Sponsorship is an added advantage with the companies’ foreign employees.

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Led By John Goullet, Diversant Provides Innovative Staffing Solutions